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Hello world!

I started blogging a long, long time ago… And once upon a time, I wrote for two blogs simultaneously.

But, most of the blog entries I wrote are for personal, recreational, and other trivial purposes. I did thought about having a research blog, but was intimidated by the “seriousness” it sounds, and the time commitment it implies.

If blogs are virtual representaions of oneself, I was willingly getting my trivial and personal side up there. But, hey, research sounds like too much responsibility for a commitment phobic. One reason is that people connect one’s virtual ranting with one’s physical identity. Unfortunately, at the age of reputation, a dog can no longer hide at the other end of the net.  In other words, what I blog here about “research” may have real consequences and I am quite wary about it.

It was not until I went to the OII SDP2007, held at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard, that I realized how not cool it is for researchers to not blog.  Almost every participants have a research blog and they even post live notes to their blogs, or personal research portals, during sessions. And, at the time when knowledge travels 10 million times faster than publication cycles, JZ said that it is important to get your stuff out there, time stamped.

There is even a student organized session on personal research portals, or research blogs. I missed some interesting discussion because I had to catch a flight. For me, some key questions remain: 1. what purposes does the blog serve? 2. how do we position blogging  in the myriad of research activities? Anyway,  let me experiment with this research blog and hopefully the answer will emerge sometime later.


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